May 2, 2015

Dear Fellow Anglers,

I hope your 2015 season is off to a good start.  We're having a late spring in northwestern Pennsylvania, but I recently fished a very nice Grannom hatch not too far to the south of Erie.  I also recently had the chance to do some saltwater fly fishing.  A highlight of the week was using a vintage Medalist Model 1498 upgraded with parts made by Herman Voss, Bill Franke, and me.  Nearly 70 bonefish landed and released in fine form.

Under the topic of recommended reading, over the winter I read a particularly fine fly fishing book.  It was written by Maine writer, angler and guide Lou Zambello and is entitled, "Flyfishing Northern New England's Seasons." Lou has an understated style that is both enjoyable as well as very credible reading.  I found it particularly valuable for trip preparation plans I've been piecing together, although I'm sure some of the technique tips add fun to my local fishing.  You can find his website at: www.mainelyflyfishing.com.  (BTW, I have no commercial interest in any of Lou's fine efforts.)

You can continue to make orders by sending me email at dan@onepfoot.com
 or by telephone (814.969.9411).  I continue to accept PayPal, personal or business checks, and money orders. 

Best Regards and Good Fishing,

Dan Hill
Erie, PA


One-Pfoot offers high quality upgrade parts that fit many models of vintage Pflueger Medalists and JW Young fly reels, and used Pflueger Medalist fly reels upgraded with One-Pfoot parts.

All One-Pfoot products are manufactured in the U.S.A.

Replacement Handles One-PFoot Replacement Foot Hard Coat Drag Plate
Sculptured Pillars Pflueger Medalist Reels with One-PFoot Parts Brake Adjusting Screw 


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